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Most people approach an EHR and Practice Management tools from a “what do they do” perspective. We challenge that notion and invite you to think “what should they do for me?” This is an important first step in taking control of your practice. We think there’s a lot of compelling information that will help you understand this notion right here!

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Overcoming Patient Portal Barriers
When it comes to incorporating technology into our healthcare system, just like any other industry, everyone fits within a segment. Whether it be clinicians, practice managers or...

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Healthcare Interoperability: Can Someone Translate?
Technology has crept its way into almost all industries, especially the healthcare industry. It has advanced the way clinicians work, interact with their colleagues and patients...

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Meaningful Use 3 or MACRA? Same Same, but Different
Meaningful Use, MACRA, MIPS, Promoting Interoperability. So many terms, so many regulations. What do these all mean for physicians and practice owners? Continue reading...

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