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Most people approach an EHR and Practice Management tools from a “what do they do” perspective. We challenge that notion and invite you to think “what should they do for me?” This is an important first step in taking control of your practice. We think there’s a lot of compelling information that will help you understand this notion right here!

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What Does the Healthcare Sector Look like in 2019? 
Current divisions within the government and the upcoming election cycle has left the healthcare sector in turmoil. How will costs be managed through executive authority by the...

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Leveraging Patient Portals to Engage with Patients
When it comes to medical technology, many think of sophisticated, large surgical material and software. Although this is part of the technology found in the healthcare industry,...

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What Makes an EHR Valuable?
The boom of the EHR adoption is long over. Most clinics and hospitals have integrated electronic health records or similar alternatives. Over the years, they have helped...

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