Donna Quinton Brown

Vice President, National Sales

When did you join Hello Health?

August 2015

What was the opportunity/challenge that appealed to you most?

The incredible opportunity to bring better care with more attention paid to patients, while at the same time increasing physician revenue to their practices with Chronic Care Management program.

What particular leadership skills do you use every day?

I work for everyone. Make sure everyone else is successful and you will be, too.

What past experience best prepared you for your role at Hello Health?

I believe my combination of a strong clinical and sales/marketing background makes me uniquely qualified for my position with Hello Health.

Finish this sentence: I know I’ll have met my own expectations here when _________?

They pat a shovel of dirt on me! I am constantly setting new expectations.

Do you have a professional hero?

Miss Colorado – Kelly Johnson. She was the nurse at the Miss America pageant. That took a lot of guts, and will be remembered. (Can anyone remember who won?)

A Tuesday afternoon meeting is canceled at the last minute. How do you spend the unexpectedly free time?


Richard Branson once said: “I’m not in the airline business. I’m in the business of entertainment at 32,000 feet.” Can you redefine what Hello Health does in a similar way?

I’m not in the business of selling anything. I am in the business of changing lives of patients and physician practices by increasing patient visibility and physician practice revenue.

Favorite movie of all time and why.

It’s a Wonderful Life. Our lives are so intertwined that one ripple causes a major wave.

Favorite Seinfeld or Simpsons episode.

Seinfeld - Ugly Baby! I still laugh out loud!