Hello, I’m Krista K Sultan

Vice President, Clinical Services

When did you join Hello Health?

January of 2016.

What was the opportunity/challenge that appealed to you most?

Wellbox is a value-based services company with an EHR backbone. I love that my ability to explore new service offerings for our customers isn't limited by the technology that we have, because we have the skills to build what we need.

What particular leadership skills do you use every day?

I’m extremely passionate about what I do, and I leverage my love for my job to help my team get excited. I think that positive energy and a sense of engagement are critical to a growing business.

What past experience best prepared you for your role at Hello Health?

I would have to say my experience in scientific research. What I loved about research is that you are exploring unknown territory where there is no established correct answer. That's where I first learned the value of blending scientific process with creativity. At Hello Health, we are redefining how providers care for their patients. There needs to be a balance of evidence-based medicine through an innovative delivery solution. I find that incredibly exciting.

Finish this sentence: I know I’ll have met my own expectations here when _________?

we have developed solutions for the entirety of the healthcare continuum.

Do you have a professional hero?

Brene Brown. I love that her work starts conversations about topics that are typically avoided. I think that her concept of leaning into discomfort and challenging traditional thinking has a lot of implications for improving the way that we talk about managing chronic conditions and approach healthcare in general.

A Tuesday afternoon meeting is canceled at the last minute. How do you spend the unexpectedly free time?

Catching up on emails. It always seems to sneak up on me in meetings and I don't like to fall out of touch.

Richard Branson once said: “I’m not in the airline business. I’m in the business of entertainment at 32,000 feet.” Can you redefine what Hello Health does in a similar way?

Hello Health is in the business of building relationships; providers to patients, provider to provider; provider to facility. It's at the foundation of everything we do.

Favorite movie of all time and why.

Amelie. It's all about the beauty of simple pleasures.

Favorite Seinfeld or Simpsons episode.

Seinfeld: The Soup Nazi