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Chief Executive Officer

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When did you join Hello Health?

In June 2002.

What was the opportunity/challenge that appealed to you most?

The idea of providing personal health information “dashboards.”

What particular leadership skills do you use every day?

I think enthusiasm and a smile are essential to the leader’s tool kit.

What past experience best prepared you for your role at Hello Health?

Working in a Fortune 500 company gives an entrepreneur new perspectives.

Finish this sentence: I know I’ll have met my own expectations here when _________?

This is just the start. There is no finish line!

Do you have a professional hero?

Ted Turner.

A Tuesday afternoon meeting is cancelled at the last minute. How do you spend the unexpectedly free time?

Getting ready for Wednesday.

Richard Branson once said: “I’m not in the airline business. I’m in the business of entertainment at 32,000 feet.” Can you redefine what Hello Health does in a similar way?

Enabled by the Internet, we’re redefining how patients and doctors engage and interact.

Favorite movie of all time and why.

Rudy. Men are not defined by what they achieve, but by the obstacles they overcome.

Favorite Seinfeld or Simpsons episode.

Elaine has only so many sponges left!