Diversity in Health Information Technology

Diversity in health information technology (HIT) often gets a bad name. In the electronic health record (EHR) space, it comes up in the context of too many vendors, too many solutions, too many versions, too many silos, too much work to figure it all out. While certainly the metrics are what they are and there is no disputing the plethora of EMRs in the market, but how many are truly different?

Diversity starts with what’s in your head – how you process challenges, how you define opportunities. Enter Hello Health Inc., Canadian born and bred – Québec City – no less, with solid roots in the United States. We look at EHRs differently. In our world, EHR does not even mean quite the same thing. The “R’ is so much more than a “record.” It’s a “revenue” source based on a belief that digitizing notes and charts is great, but can also be a foundation for better connectivity between patient and provider. That’s because the Hello Health® platform unites the electronic health record with a robust patient portal and remote visit capabilities that create new care management opportunities for patient and provider.

Connectivity, access, convenience and peace of mind. Patients are willing to pay for those things. And the revenue does not rest with Hello Health. We share it with the physician who has onboarded a technology platform that did not require a capital outlay in the first place. No cost and New Revenue™. And with greater patient enrollment comes more revenue and more connectivity.

If this diversity of thinking appeals to your practice, whether you have yet to purchase an electronic health record or are looking to replace your current one, visit us online and request a demo. We’d love to share more of what makes the Hello Health platform a truly differentiated option in the world of EHRs. You’ll thank yourself for taking the time.

Or should that be gracias, danke, grazie, merci, 谢谢, Cảm ơn….?

About the Author
Stephen Armstrong

Stephen Armstrong is senior vice president for Hello Health, the revenue generating EHR platform for primary care practices supporting practice vitality through patient engagement.