Electronic Health Revenue: The Superhero of Health IT

A recent RAND study showed that the implementation of health information technology (HIT) has affected neither a reduction in the cost nor an improvement in the quality of healthcare.  As soon as the results were released, Twitter, Facebook and practically every Health IT magazine and website lit up with exasperated buzz and chatter about the surprising reveal.  Weren’t EHRs supposed to swoop in and save the physician’s practice without fault – oh, and perhaps hand out individually wrapped mints as the patients leave?  Health IT has been boasted as the hero that has come back to avenge a broken health care system. Why then, hasn’t it been saved?

While many people, including the authors of the RAND study, believe that Health IT will eventually achieve these goals, others aren’t so convinced.  There is a concern that while well- designed HIT systems will definitely help physicians run their business more efficiently, they won’t necessarily bring about a reduction in the cost of healthcare or drastically improve the quality of care.  Some doctors, like Hayward Zwerling, M.D., are calling for a time-out of sorts.  They are asking the government to stop pushing more Meaningful Use incentives and focus on finding out if what is already in place is working.  Zwerling, who runs a solo, private practice, was the creator of one of the older EMRs and believes in the many benefits that Health IT provides.  All he asks is that we focus on what we see as a direct result of adopting the right EHR and not sing its praises for something it hasn’t yet accomplished.

So, what are you getting out of your EHR?  Has it improved your workflow?  Multiplied your office efficiency by leaps and bounds?  Improved your quality of care?

Has it given you NEW REVENUE?

At Hello Health we’d like to believe that Health IT will throw on a cape and reclaim the future of our healthcare system, one physician’s practice at a time, but we also realize that there will always be a source of kryptonite lurking around the corner waiting to foil even the best HIT plans.  We can’t promise you that implementing our EHR will solve all of your problems, but we know that you’ll marvel at having a new source of revenue.  As much as the terms “quality of care” and “efficiency” are thrown around the medical world, “cost” is the one that comes up the most.  Doctors are often stymied by financial villains and Hello Health answers these problems by providing an EHR platform that generates new revenue and is completely free to the physician.

Granted, when it comes to healthcare technology there is no super serum or magic ring. According to Rebecca Armato, executive director of physician and interoperability services at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena, Calif.,  “We must continuously monitor our efforts and develop better tools and smarter processes. By infusing clinical decision-making with instantaneous “smart information,” physicians are better equipped to collaborate, diagnose, treat and accelerate the medical breakthroughs necessary to improve not just our industry, but our world.”  She cautions us to avoid the misconception that technology makes all things possible and to focus on the reality of what an EHR can actually do.

Again, I say, NEW REVENUE.  Hello Health offers you a way to get paid for all the work you do with subscription-based business models and opportunities for new direct-pay services.  Our remarkable patient engagement platform is at the heart of valuable relationships and effective patient management. Electronic Health Record?  You can call it that, but we prefer to think of it as Electronic Health Revenue. Shazam!

About the Author
Steven Ferguson

Steven Ferguson is the Chief Operating Officer at Hello Health, the complete Cloud-Based EHR, Practice Management System and Patient Portal, that helps practices be more efficient and increase patient engagement.