Every penny counts

Connie Carnes of Hello Health Medical Billing Services talks about Hello Health’s unique integrated billing services.

What are the benefits of having billing integrated into the Hello Health platform?

The main benefit is that doctors no longer have to send their billing “out.” You know, it’s very scary to turn over your billing to someone. Since Hello Health Medical

Billing Services is built into the platform, the superbills come to us through the system in real time and we can act on them right away.

In the platform, we can look at codes, advise on corrections and try to determine where mistakes are being made. Being able to look at notes and codes with the provider, “side by side” within the platform, makes the relationship “in-house” between the provider and us. We never want a Hello Health provider to feel left out in the cold when it comes to their billing.

What makes Hello Health billing services different from others?

Many billing companies have a threshold with claims. Anything under $50, they won’t bother chasing down. But, why? The small amounts add up. If a doctor has performed a procedure, they should get paid for it, no matter the size of the claim. If they’ve earned it, we’re going to get it for them. We follow up on every unpaid procedure code. It’s worth it. If you have 50 or 75 of those in a week — it really adds up over time. We follow the claim to the end, we file appeals — whatever it takes.

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Nat Findlay

Nat Findlay is the Founder and CEO of Hello Health, the EHR that offers tools to promote profitability for today’s independent medical practice.