Hello Health Welcomes Barry Holleman

It’s a big year for the three-letter acronym referred to fondly by medical professionals all over the country as the EHR.  Predicted by the Annals of Family Medicine to be adopted by more than 80 percent of family physicians this year, the electronic health record is hailed as a modern-day solution to the rising medical costs and administrative setbacks often witnessed in healthcare.  From the government urging doctors to adopt the EHR to achieve meaningful use to the vendors eagerly imploring physicians to test drive their products, the EHR may be snagging a float alongside the infamous turkey in the Macy’s parade next Thanksgiving.

With the ultimate goal of empowering the independent physician to thrive in the sea of modern healthcare, Hello Health is pleased to announce the appointment of Barry Holleman to chief operating officer (COO) and vice president of the company.  Holleman joined the team last October due to his desire to help provide primary care physicians with unsurpassed multi-layered tools that deliver agile and accessible information to manage primary care interactions.

Now, as Hello Health’s chief operating officer, Holleman intends to use his sense of collaboration and dedication to lead the company into the ever-changing and growing frontier of health IT.  Read the press release to find out why the new COO says that the Fifth Element is his favorite movie of all time.

About the Author
Nat Findlay

Nat Findlay is the Founder and CEO of Hello Health, the EHR that offers tools to promote profitability for today’s independent medical practice.