Read the Signs: It’s time for a New EHR

As many of you might have noticed in the news lately, there has been a lot of talk about physicians and their satisfaction with electronic health records (EHRs). Numerous articles and surveys pop up every day discussing the overall happiness level of practices and providers who have implemented an EHR in their office. Obviously, it’s a rich topic. In fact, I recently came across a blog post about the “7 signs it’s time to switch EHRs.”.

I think those are great points, and I want to explain why Hello Health might be your best option if you are switching. And, if you don’t currently have an EHR, this might help you make the right decision the first time.

1. You still wish you were back on paper.

If you have implemented an EHR and still wish you had your paper charts, then one of two things have happened (or maybe both). You either picked a system that is very cumbersome with many more bells and whistles than you need, or you were not properly trained on the system by your vendor. It could be that they did not spend the appropriate amount of time needed, or did not train in the proper manner. At Hello Health, our system was designed with ease of use in mind. Our platform has to be easy to use — not just for the medical practice but also for the patients who use our bi-directional patient portal. We also spend a tremendous amount of time training our users in the office and online. Because of our revenue-generating model, it is imperative that our practices are experts at using the system, and we strive to make it as easy as possible. Once a practice partners with Hello Health, staff members wonder how they ever functioned without our EHR.

2. Your EHR isn’t going to be certified for the Stage 2 rules of meaningful use on time.

It’s shocking to me that there are systems out there that won’t be ready for Stage 2. If an EHR is not Meaningful Use certified, that vendor will most likely soon be out of business. Not only because providers will not be able to receive their Meaningful Use incentive payments, but because they won’t be current with all the features and benefits that practice will need. Hello Health has already ramped up production so that we will be ready for our Meaningful Use certification testing this summer. We are ahead of the curve when it comes to patient portal and telemedicine technology because we’ve offered it from the beginning. We also decided from the very start that we would follow Meaningful Use certification to the end. We don’t want to let down a single one of our customers who are currently working hard to qualify for their Meaningful Use incentive.

3. You’ve already paid thousands and you’re still discovering new fees.

I hear this all the time when I speak with physicians who are currently using a solution they don’t like. Traditionally, implementing an EHR can be costly and there seem to always be additional costs down the road. This is exactly why Hello Health decided to get into the EHR business! We wanted to come up with an alternative for physicians. Why pay absurd amounts of money and then be nickeled-and-dimed on top of that for years to come? With the Hello Health patient subscription model you can implement an EHR for no cost. That’s already above and beyond what most practitioners have come to expect, but we take the good news to the next level by sharing revenue generated from patient portal subscriptions. So the great news is that with Hello Health you will not be asked to pay a dime for your EHR – in fact, you can make money — and you also get all the updates for free.

4. You dread calling customer support.

This is a common theme out there. Some companies do the bare minimum to keep customers from leaving. Since Hello Health’s success is tied directly to our customers’ successes and their experience with us, we take service very seriously. We need to make sure that when a customer has a problem or question that it answered quickly. When you call Hello Health Support you will get a real person to help you and they won’t stop until your problem is resolved.

5. Your EHR has stagnated.

You should be very concerned if your EHR vendor does not provide updates on a regular basis or is charging you additional fees for upgrades. Switching to a web-based system will make receiving updates easier and more efficient. Hello Health provides upgrades every 6-8 weeks for no additional charge. We listen to the feature requests from our practices and providers and make those requests a reality as quickly as possible.

An update is one thing, but solid communications around the update are what keeps practices going strong without skipping a beat. We inform our practices in advance of the update and provide training videos of what the changes will look like. Once the update is complete, a detailed list of new features is provided to all providers.

6. It doesn’t fit your practice’s needs.

When searching for an EHR you need to have a game plan specific to your practice: a list of features you absolutely need in a system along with a workflow that fits your practice. You should also have a realistic expectation that “ the perfect system” may not exist out of the box. Does your EHR vendor listen to their customers and make updates with those suggestions in mind? Hello Health does. It’s part of our core philosophy. We offer a one-on-one guided tour of the entire system, allowing for any questions and discussions needed about features, benefits and workflows. Our sales team wants to make sure that this is the right decision for your practice because we partner with our customers, and so need to make sure you are committed, happy and successful. To that end, Hello Health stands by our customers every step of the way.

7. You simply hate your EHR.

If you’re at this point, I really feel for you. It’s time to make a change, and when you do, it’s essential that you make a plan when looking for the EHR that will suit your practice. You need to research the system, demo the platform, ask for references and search for reviews. Choosing to implement an EHR or replacing your current system is a big decision and needs a careful process. Our team has walked down this path with many customers who just couldn’t take another day on their stagnant, flabby, money-hogging platforms. Believe me, you can recover from a “hateful” EHR experience with a good plan, an honest look at what you want from a new system, and a helping hand from a partner who is as invested in your success as you are. That’s the top reason practitioners choose Hello Health – they know we’re in it together.

If you are not happy with your current EHR, or are looking to implement the right system the first time around, visit or give us a call at 1-800-610-0119. We are the only no-cost revenue generating EHR that partners with you with tools that build a more efficient medical practice and have an immediate impact to your bottom line.

About the Author
Patrick Stevenson

Patrick Stevenson is Vice President, Channel Sales for Hello Health, the only revenue generating EHR platform for primary care and pediatrics practices.