Replacing your EHR doesn’t have to be scary

I was not surprised to read the report released a few weeks ago by KLAS Research showing that more than a quarter of physician practices are in the market to replace their EHRs.

KLAS interviewed more than 400 practices of different sizes. The survey revealed that 27 percent of respondents are considering replacing their EHR; another 12 percent would like to do so but are constrained for financial or organizational reasons.

From the report:

“There are different reasons for this shift. Larger practices are seeking to consolidate from multiple EMRs, while smaller practices are seeking to resolve functionality, support, and cost concerns.”

That makes sense. We talk to doctors every single day and we see their frustration with systems that are no longer working for them (or perhaps never did). Their original EHRs are beginning to feel like albatrosses around the necks of their medical and office staffs — bulky, inefficient and unable to integrate with the other systems they need to use. But the idea of switching is understandably daunting. If you implemented a first-wave EHR several years ago, it probably cost you a lot of money and a lot of time. You’ve been patching things together ever since, dragging that thing along like a ball and chain. Your office staff has figured out work-arounds and alternate routes and they’re getting by, because that system was a big investment and you’ve made it work.

But that’s the thing: “okay” is not enough. EHR technology has advanced to the point where there’s no excuse anymore for staying in system that doesn’t work for YOU. As the report noted, physicians are understandably nervous about making a switch, and worry about

Around the office, we refer to Hello Health as “EHR 2.0.” To that end, we’ve put together a hybrid offering that combines a sleek, efficient FREE EHR with several NO-COST options that not only improve your practice efficiencies and improve reimbursements, interface seamlessly with lab ordering and eRX, but make it possible to earn NEW revenue. And we’re the only ones who do it. Look over our plans and see how to get started. We promise, we make it easy.

You should be flourishing with your EHR, not fighting with it. It’s like you’re driving a old smoke-belching clunker down the highway. Why? Not only should your platform be easy to use, your vendor should take your on-the-ground insight and intelligently modify for your daily needs. There is a much better way, and we’re helping practices make the switch now every day. We’ve figured out how to do it quickly and with as little disruption to your workflow as posisble.

About the Author
Catherine Toro

Catherine Toro is the General Manager for Hello Health, the complete Cloud-Based EHR, Practice Management System and Patient Portal, that helps practices be more efficient and increase patient engagement.