The Quest for the Perfect EMR

At Hello Health we invest a large amount of time speaking with primary care doctors about their plans for implementing an electronic medical record (EMR) and what they are looking for in a system. This valuable feedback helps us tailor the Hello Health platform to exceed the expectations of our customers. Most physicians are looking for the “perfect EMR”. The search can be frustrating when there really can’t be a perfect EMR for everyone and nearly every EMR comes with a significant price tag.

Physicians need to put a stronger emphasis on finding the right EMR for their practice. It should cover the needs of the office, their daily work and their interactions with patients. After they find the system, or the few systems that fit their needs, the next step is to narrow down their options based on price and costs associated with the EMR.

Too many doctors get so caught up in price or having the most robust system on the market that they lose sight of what they really need and make a wrong purchasing decision. They then realize later that they made a bad decision after spending a lot of money. There have been numerous studies and surveys that support this. One survey found that 17 percent of physician practices plan to switch off their current system and 39 percent are not happy with their current EMR and would not recommend it to a colleague. This shows that many physicians don’t have a clear idea of what they need in an EMR.

So what should you consider?

As a doctor you need to think about your daily routine and what could be handled in an EMR.  Try to think about how appointments are being scheduled, your current chart process, labs, faxes, prescriptions and your interactions with patients. Physicians should create a list of key features and functionality that they need in a system. You should also consider an EMR with a patient portal as patients want to take on a larger role in their health.

At Hello Health we have thought about all of this for primary care doctors. The functionality for patients to schedule appointments online, access their medical information through their own bi-directional personal health record (PHR) and send or receive secure, HIPAA compliant messages is built into the platform. You will also have the ability to use e-prescribing, electronic lab orders and results along with a built in e-fax line to cut down on paper waste. All of these features are part of our robust, easy-to-use platform that our doctors love!

So, stop looking for the “perfect EMR” and look for an EMR that best fits your practice. The search can be overwhelming but if you think about your practice and patient needs along with the crucial key features up front it will allow for a smooth process that will make you, your staff and patients happy.

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About the Author
Patrick Stevenson

Patrick Stevenson is Vice President, Channel Sales for Hello Health, the only revenue generating EHR platform for primary care and pediatrics practices.