Hello Health Customer Jeffrey Gladd MD

Hello Health Customer Jeffrey Gladd MD

Be sure to attend Dr. Gladd’s workshops on Creating Your Ideal Practice at the upcoming Heal Thy Practice conference in Long Beach, California on Friday, November 4th.

Dr. Gladd will share the practice-building tips he learned in founding a successful holistic practice and discuss how the Hello Health patient management system provides him with an optimal platform for relationship-based integrative care.

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Nathanial Findlay has held executive positions in the health care industry for more than 10 years. A veteran of successful start-ups as well as the Fortune 21 company Cardinal Health, Nat’s experience honed an entrepreneurial perspective and enthusiasm that inspired him to start Hello Health® in 2002. With a background also including accounting and law, Nat continues to work at the forefront of the evolution of modern primary health care. Nat’s mission is to use the Internet and mobile technology to redefine how patients interact with their physicians and manage their own health.

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