Success Story: Ready to Roll in 18 Days

Success Story: Ready to Roll in 18 Days

Ciao Bella Medical Center

Ready to Roll in 18 Days

Hello Health’s fast implementation jumpstarts new practice revenue.

Ciao Bella Medical Center, serving adult patients in Newnan, Georgia became a Hello Health customer in June 2014. The obstetrics and gynecology practice offers a variety of services, including medically assisted weight loss and bio-identical hormone therapy, to a panel of 1,283 patients.

Why did they choose Hello Health?

Dr. Benita Stephens, Ciao Bella’s solo practitioner, needed a new EHR, and needed one fast. Their former system was no longer working with LabCorp, the practice’s primary lab vendor. Ciao Bella’s LabCorp representative came to the rescue, pointing the practice toward Hello Health.

Ciao Bella was initially attracted to Hello Health’s FREE, easy-to-use EHR platform, but sold when they saw the revenue-generating potential of the Premium business model, including Hello Health PreferPay and billing services.

Tamika Sims

“The biggest factors were cost and the features of the system. It was everything we needed,” says Tamika Sims, Ciao Bella’s practice manager. “And the doctor loved the functionality of PortalConnect. She likes being able to communicate back and forth with patients.”

Though the practice staff was initially nervous about asking patients to place credit cards on file in the system, it hasn’t been a problem. “Our patients have really surprised us. They don’t complain about putting in their credit cards,” Tamika says. “When they read the explanation during check-in, they understand the policy.”

And because the implementation team was able to switch the practice from their old EHR and get them fully up and running on Hello Health in 18 days, Ciao Bella was able to start generating new revenue, immediately. With their dedicated use of the Hello Health Credit Card on File program and increasing number of PortalConnect subscribers, Ciao Bella is estimated to generate more than $34,000 in new revenue after 12 months of being live on the Hello Health platform.

Hello Health

About Hello Health

Nathanial Findlay has held executive positions in the health care industry for more than 10 years. A veteran of successful start-ups as well as the Fortune 21 company Cardinal Health, Nat’s experience honed an entrepreneurial perspective and enthusiasm that inspired him to start Hello Health® in 2002. With a background also including accounting and law, Nat continues to work at the forefront of the evolution of modern primary health care. Nat’s mission is to use the Internet and mobile technology to redefine how patients interact with their physicians and manage their own health.

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