Care Coordination

Effective care

Effective care coordination means your practice does more for your patients, and for you. It means smoothly managing referrals to specialists, seamlessly handing-off patients within your practice, or creating more robust outreach programs that identify patients who need tailored education material. We want patients to be healthy, not nickled-and-dimed. These tools help the efficiency of your practice for improved patient outcomes.

Hello Health includes a dashboard that centralizes the many communications around a patient or helps make your team accountable. Assign, track and prioritize tasks, set deadlines, and link tasks to specific patient charts so that you can better manage your practice and devote more time to patient care.

Specialist Referral Portal

Increase the efficiency of your referral process and discover a new revenue stream. Learn more about our Specialist Referral Portal.

The Hello Health system includes secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging that looks and feels just like e-mail, so your staff can safely and easily manage patient communications.

Hello Health includes built-in intelligence that tailors patient health education materials by diagnosis, medication, lab or procedure so that patients have easy access to MedlinePlus® content.