Revenue Cycle Management

Improve cash flow and increase efficiency

Hello Health offers access to variety of tools and services to help you improve net collections and cash flow, decrease days in accounts receivable and accelerate your payment timeline.

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Hello Health Medical Billing Services Hello Health provides access to a team of certified medical billing professionals. Our team of certified medical billers is completely U.S.-based, and available by phone or email for your convenience. You’ll get greater transparency into the financial performance of your practice through access to critical reports, and ongoing, proactive communication from our experts. Let our billing service partner optimize your collections, get the most out of your payer contracts and take the hassle (and cost) out of medical billing.

Hello Health iPad check-in

With more uninsured patients and high deductible policies in your payment mix, collecting patient payments up front can significantly improve your net revenue.

Hello Health PreferPay provides a framework that not only helps you secure payments upon check-in, but also enables you to seamlessly collect unpaid balances and past due amounts.

Hello Health uses an iPad check-in system that gathers and and securely stores credit, debit or HSA/FSA card information for each of your patients, so that you can reduce billing costs from collections and patient statements, and minimize bad debt-write offs.

Hello Health offers an integration with an industry-leading web-based medical billing software system to handle your electronic claim processing, tracking and management. The software can be accessed by your in-house medical billers, or managed by Hello Health’s team of medical billing professionals.

Integrated Billing

Plus, you can subtract the monthly software license fees from the revenue generated by Hello Health’s patient subscription program to reduce your out-of-pocket costs for health information technology.