Leading Chronic Care Management Platform for Small Practices

Leading Chronic Care Management Platform for Small Practices

How Hello Health is quickly becoming the leading Chronic Care Management Platform for small practices.

Specifically, we discuss the following:

2:50 Can you give us an overview of Medicare’s Chronic Care Management program and its objective for elderly patients?

3:49 What led to Hello Health deciding to make the switch to providing telehealth services for Chronic Care Management?

5:01 How does Hello Health’s telehealth solutions allow for primary care physicians to get paid for Chronic Care Management?

5:52 What effect on patient outcomes have Hello Health users observed since using your telehealth services?

8:29 What barriers are currently preventing every primary-care practice from taking advantage of Medicare’s Chronic Care Management program?

10:08 What separates Hello Health’s services from other CCM telehealth providers?

11:55 What’s next for Hello Health? What new can we expect from you all as we head into 2016?

Source: http://intrepidnow.com/healthcare/leading-chronic-care-management-platform-for-small-practices/

Hello Health

About Hello Health

Nathanial Findlay has held executive positions in the health care industry for more than 10 years. A veteran of successful start-ups as well as the Fortune 21 company Cardinal Health, Nat’s experience honed an entrepreneurial perspective and enthusiasm that inspired him to start Hello Health® in 2002. With a background also including accounting and law, Nat continues to work at the forefront of the evolution of modern primary health care. Nat’s mission is to use the Internet and mobile technology to redefine how patients interact with their physicians and manage their own health.

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