Pediatrics Practices

The Hello Health EHR for pediatricians

Hello Health’s electronic health record (EHR) includes functionality that supports the unique needs of pediatricians. Our system has been certified as a Complete EHR by an ONC‐ACB, and features an intuitive, cloud-based user interface that is remarkably easy to learn and use. Hello Health is secure and HIPAA-compliant, for the peace of mind you need as you move to a paperless world.

Pediatric-specific functionality includes:

EHR for pediatrics - Templates


Pre-built sick and well-visit templates, and the ability to easily customize new templates based on your practice’s or patients’ needs.

EHR for pediatrics - Immunization tracking capabilities

Immunization tracking capabilities

EHR for pediatrics - Health maintenance guidelines

Health maintenance guidelines

Clinical decision support system that facilitates the tracking of health maintenance guidelines based on demographic and clinical data specific to age and individual.

EHR for pediatrics - Charting and notes

Charting and notes

Ability to document pediatric specific history and milestones, including cognitive and functional status. Ability to save past visit details as a preference for future encounters. Growth charts that support national guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

EHR for pediatrics - E-prescribing


Medication orders, tracking and maintenance via SureScripts®.

EHR for pediatrics - Public surveillance functionality

Public surveillance functionality

EHR for pediatrics - Patient outreach

Patient outreach

Integrated educational resources.

Pediatrics Videocasts

Hear what pediatricians have to say about accountable care organizations, patient centered medical homes and other issues important to small independent medical practices.


Patient-Centered Care: Understanding and Meeting Patient Needs in the Digital Age


Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)