EHR best practices: Choosing cloud or web-based EHR

EHR Intelligence discusses the cloud for EHRs, best practices for adoption and how Hello Health’s model aids doctors

Cloud and web-based services are so ubiquitous, they have become the norm. In the third installment of our EHR Best Practices Series, Murphy takes a look at what the cloud and the web can do for the adoption of an electronic health record (EHR) system. A general survey of healthcare providers showed the top concern they have when choosing an EHR is the amount of time and resources they will need to come up with to go live with a solution. Hello Health has taken a radical approach to answering this question, which may be new to healthcare but has been part of the app economy over the past few years: The business model is that instead of asking a practice to pay $500 per month, for example, provides everything to them for free. There’s absolutely no cost to the practice. . . . Patients sign up for $36 a year (or $3 a month) to have access to self-scheduling, a personal health record, the ability to see lab results and request prescription renewals.

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