“Electronic Health Revenue” is Key To Independent Practice Success


Jeff Gladd, MD talks in Holistic Primary Care about the integrative family practice he has built, and how Hello Health helped him create a direct-pay model.

“In integrative medicine, you have to engage and empower the patients. Hello Health really brings that home. The communication tools on the patient side—from the PHR to being able to schedule your own visits whether face to face, via video conferencing or email visit, the health education libraries, the ability to view lab reports and referral notes—these things are huge. They really enable patients to become much more a part of their own health plans,” said Dr. Gladd.

Hello Health also enables physicians to capture revenue for time and service that often goes uncompensated in conventional practice.

The average primary care clinician spend upwards of 675 hours each year on non-reimbursed care-related activities—phone calls and email exchanges with patients, consults with insurers, lawyers or others who seek medical expertise for free. This amounts to as much as $34,000 in lost revenue each year, says Dr. Gladd. It also contributes to exhaustion and burnout.

By facilitating tele-consults and enabling doctors to track and charge for time and energy spent, Hello Health turns uncompensated hours into “Electronic Health Revenue.”

The system was created with integrative physicians in mind, says Stephen Armstrong, Hello Health’s Senior Vice President. “Integrative care is a lot about patients owning their own wellness,” he told Holistic Primary Care. “Active participation is key, and patients attracted to holistic care often bring a wellspring of energy and commitment to their health. We want to facilitate that.”

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Stephen Armstrong

Stephen Armstrong is senior vice president for Hello Health, the revenue generating EHR platform for primary care practices supporting practice vitality through patient engagement.