EMR Benefits In and Out of the Office

NYC-based Dr. Edwards tells Physician’s Money Digest why she loves Hello Health:

Perhaps not as dramatic but no less effective, Colleen Edwards, MD, an internist and hematologist affiliated with Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, has benefited from using a new EMR platform from Hello Health.

“I live and work in Manhattan, so I walk to work,” Edwards explains. “In the past I’ve taken charts home to document if I didn’t finish in the office. Now I don’t have to lug those charts with me.”

She’s also seen the benefit of the EMR’s doctor-patient interface with instant messaging feature. Patients, she says, are very busy too. This feature cuts down on phone tag, which can go on for several days before Edwards can finally get in contact with the patient.

Edwards says the EMR has also made her a better documenter, forcing her to complete many of the different information fields that she says often fell by the way side.

“My documentation was pretty sparse prior to using the EMR, so this is a good thing,” she said. “I’m not sure it saves you time, but it saves you a headache when you’re audited.”

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About the Author
Colleen Edwards

Colleen A. Edwards, M.D is an internal medicine practice owner with a subspecialty in hematology from New York, NY. She has been a Hello Health user since 2010.