Xconomy – $10M deployed to expanding patient-funded health records

Westfield, NJ-based internist Peter Weigel got wind of Hello Health, an electronic health record (EHR) platform that’s free for doctors—because it’s the patients who pay for it. Hello Health, which is a New York-based subsidiary of Myca Health in Quebec, Canada, has spent the last year or so rolling out an EHR system in the United States that patients can opt into for a fee that averages $36 a year. About 80 physicians have signed up for Hello Health so far, including Weigel, who estimates that 40 percent of his patients have signed up for it.

Now Hello Health is gearing up for a major national expansion, which will be largely subsidized by $10 million in venture funding the company announced it raised on Feb. 28. The funding—from a group of private investors and Sandbox Industries, a venture fund sponsored by BlueCross and BlueShield—will help the company branch out beyond the New York City area, where most of its current customers are, says Stephen Armstrong, vice president of marketing.

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