Smart Healthcare Without A Smartphone

Dan Munro, in this post for Forbes, looks at trends in healthcare and the workforce, including how Hello Health’s technology can help generate both product and patient satisfaction.

Apple, Google, Qualcomm, Cisco, Disney – almost every major U.S. Corporation has long understood the business benefits of employee productivity tied directly to healthcare – and it remains the cornerstone for 160 million people who still derive their primary healthcare insurance benefit through their employer. Rather than dismantle or unbundle that connection – many companies are forging an even stronger commitment with their own work-site clinic – which can now scale more efficiently to include smaller companies. Again, according to Peter Hotz: ”Many of the most innovative and forward thinking companies in the country have recognized the value worksite health provides by improving patient results, generating healthcare savings and increasing employee productivity and satisfaction.” One such model by NeoPath Health (which leverages patient management software from Hello Health) has further refined the model around School Districts where female populations are typically higher – and gender specific services can be tailored and delivered on-site – at a much lower cost.

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