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5 O'Clock Records inks deal with Hello Health to monetize delivery of medical records

Brian Edwards – iMedicalApps Senior mHealth Analyst – discusses the process (and companies) behind monetizing medical records.

In the startup’s first major deal since graduating from Blueprint in April, 5 O’Clock Records announced their solution will be fully integrated into the Hello Health Electronic Medical Monetization Platform.


“ Hello Health continually looks to provide physicians with more tools to better manage their practices, and our partnership with 5 O’clock Records not only aids in this endeavor but also creates potential for additional revenue,” said Nathanial Findlay, founder and chief executive officer of Myca® Health, parent company of Hello Health. “Many people may not realize this, but the modern physician is struggling to maintain independence due to declining reimbursements and rising expenses. This collaboration is one more way we can help physicians take their practices back. ”

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