Leading Chronic Care Management Platform for Small Practices

How Hello Health is quickly becoming the leading Chronic Care Management Platform for small practices.

Specifically, we discuss the following:

2:50 Can you give us an overview of Medicare’s Chronic Care Management program and its objective for elderly patients?

3:49 What led to Hello Health deciding to make the switch to providing telehealth services for Chronic Care Management?

5:01 How does Hello Health’s telehealth solutions allow for primary care physicians to get paid for Chronic Care Management?

5:52 What effect on patient outcomes have Hello Health users observed since using your telehealth services?

8:29 What barriers are currently preventing every primary-care practice from taking advantage of Medicare’s Chronic Care Management program?

10:08 What separates Hello Health’s services from other CCM telehealth providers?

11:55 What’s next for Hello Health? What new can we expect from you all as we head into 2016?

Source: http://intrepidnow.com/healthcare/leading-chronic-care-management-platform-for-small-practices/
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