Margin Medicine

by Nathanial Findlay, Chief Executive Officer.

The cover of this week’s Forbes magazine features a photo of Clayton Christensen. Clayton is of course famous for his work on disruptive business models; the concept that larger and/or slow-moving companies can be brought down by less expensive and often unforeseen products and services.

Last March, Matt Downs, a board member and investor in Myca Health Inc. (Hello Health’s parent company), was introduced to Clayton. One of the themes Matt took away and shared with me was that the more healthcare costs can be pushed to the consumer via technology, the more affordable (and hopefully better) healthcare will become. This all sounded like a very sophisticated way of describing self-service. Can anyone think of an industry that has not been improved by self-service? Forbes also features a story of a doctor who has pushed his patients to use an online scheduling system; a terrific example of a win-win solution for the patients who save time and hassle, and for the doctor who has reduced his overhead.

Our CMO, Dr Gordon Moore, has been working on micro practice solutions for several years now. Hello Health co-founder Jay Parkinson was certainly one of the early innovators in “cutting out the middleman.” At Hello Health, we’ve been listening to our doctors and enhancing our technology to meet their needs. From here, we developed a business model that gets physicians paid for all of the work they’re doing, not just face-to-face office visits.

Don Jones, SVP of Healthcare at Qualcomm, has always coached me on the importance of improving physician lifestyle. He has stressed that real innovation via technology will never happen in healthcare unless there is a “relevance” for physicians. This has led me to wonder if the current trend of hospitals providing EMRs to their referring physicians will lead to wide scale adoption. Only time will tell.

About the Author
Nat Findlay

Nat Findlay is the Founder and CEO of Hello Health, the EHR that offers tools to promote profitability for today’s independent medical practice.