Beyond meaningful use with Winfield Young, MD

We’re proud to work with physicians like Dr. Winfield Young at Pediatrics of Kempsville. Read Dr. Young’s interview with Kyle Murphy from EHR Intelligence:

Why did you select your EHR vendor?

There isn’t anything wrong with our paper chart system. There isn’t a perfect system. But finally after looking at all the different EHRs, I liked that Hello Health said they will give up to ten weeks of training — sort of stating that their goal is to get us on track rather than just selling us a system and then leaving. In that regard, it’s not so much selling a system because the system is actually free to us. But there is a kind of investment on their side to have us established with an effective, going system. That the patients are going to participate, there’s a financial reward for Hello Health. So it is to their advantage to get it into offices that they evaluate to be cost-effective to [the vendor].

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