Medical Records Requests Provide Incremental Income

Medical Records Requests Provide Incremental Income

Ed Rabinowitz – Healthcare journalist for Physicians’s Money Digest – discusses opportunities for physicians to generate revenue with Stephen Armstrong, Vice President of Marketing for Hello Health.

Hello Health, a New York City-based subsidiary of Myca Health Incorporated that specializes in revenue-generating electronic medical record (EMR) and patient management technology, is partnering with 5 O’clock Records, a medical request platform, enabling physicians using its Hello Health platform to fill requests for medical records online.

“This is a way we can help physicians connect the dots,” says Stephen Armstrong, vice president of marketing for Hello Health. “If you’re [filling medical record requests] today and you’re finding it takes a bunch of phone calls per transaction, and you don’t know what to charge, or you may not charge at all, here’s a partner who is dedicated to this function.”

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Stephen Armstrong

Stephen Armstrong is senior vice president for Hello Health, the revenue generating EHR platform for primary care practices supporting practice vitality through patient engagement.