Modern Medicine – Patients push for online services

“Patients are saying, ‘If I can’t register for your practice online or ask for an appointment or get a prescription online, I really don’t want to work with you,'” she says. “If the convenience isn’t there, [they] don’t have time in [their] lives for a physician who is not going to offer these things.”

Richard Goldberg, MD, introduced Hello Health into his family medicine practice in Manhattan, New York. He describes the product as a “win-win” for his practice.

“Most people like not having to come down for medical records, and a lot of people like getting involved in their own care,” he says. “The only problem is, the people who don’t want to use it upset our flow a little bit.”

Hello Health markets itself as a “PM platform for primary care” by offering a free Web-based EHR/PM system that generates incremental revenue for physicians through patient engagement services such as secure email, instant messaging, online video, and telephone consultations.

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