Smart Phones and Social Media vs. Bad Peanut Butter

Purchasing High Performance - Smart Phones and Social Media vs. Bad Peanut Butter

Brian Schilling discusses how technology is shaping healthcare, notably the role EHRs have.

Small practices without Kaiser’s infrastructure can turn to one of dozens of vendors vying for space in this market. One such vendor is Hello Health, a four-year-old New York–based firm that markets interactive EHR technology to practices in 26 states. The firm is small. Its clients number in the hundreds rather than the thousands, but its software offers a robust, fully HIPA-compliant platform for online scheduling, prescription renewals, medical record access, instant messaging, lab result review, and even video visits.

Patients and physicians seem happy with the decision to move some care and administrative activities online. One patient, John Dias, a retired IT professional from Universal City, Texas, noted that his doctor’s switch to Hello Health had saved him at least one very awkward trip to the doctor’s office. “I had a nasty bruise on one leg that was related to a chronic condition and was supposed to go back for a follow-up visit. At the time I couldn’t easily get to his office, so we arranged a video chat instead. My doctor looked at the bruise, saw that it was healing nicely, and that was that.”

Overall, about 90 percent of patients opt to continue using Hello Health year after year despite the fact that it may cost them a small monthly fee. Few, if any, physicians have dropped the platform. For many practices, the switch to Hello Health’s software has meant a bump in revenue.

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