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Most people approach an EHR and Practice Management tools from a “what do they do” perspective. We challenge that notion and invite you to think “what should they do for me?” This is an important first step in taking control of your practice. We think there’s a lot of compelling information that will help you understand this notion right here!

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Coronavirus: Doctors Fighting ‘Infodemic’
Let’s go back to pre-coronavirus times. A time where Americans Googled their random symptoms and played medical professional in their doctor’s office. Misinformation was...

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Telehealth and the Rise of Virtual Healthcare
Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more healthcare professionals have been turning to telehealth options. Through video visits, instant messaging and even...

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Hello Health Launches PortalConnect Virtual Care
Hello Health has now launched a virtual care service through PortalConnect. Available to all patients across the United States, this new tech service provides patients and medical...

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