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Most people approach an EHR and Practice Management tools from a “what do they do” perspective. We challenge that notion and invite you to think “what should they do for me?” This is an important first step in taking control of your practice. We think there’s a lot of compelling information that will help you understand this notion right here!

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What Vital Technology Does an Independent Medical Practice Need?
Independent Medical Practices often don’t have the resources or IT infrastructure found in larger healthcare establishments. With a smaller staff and less patients, they don’t...

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Value-Based Care and Care Coordination Go Hand-in-Hand
Value-based care, as much as care coordination, have the goal of reaching collaboration between clinicians, health plans, employers and other important stakeholders. In order to...

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The Key to Engaging with Your Patients
If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that the move towards value-based care has put the patient at the forefront of healthcare, as it should be. With less...

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