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Hello Health Platform

Is Hello Health® Surescripts® certified?

Hello Health Version 8 is Surescripts certified for prescription routing and drug formulary and benefits checking. This means that elegible new prescriptions can be sent directly from Hello Health to the computer at a pharmacy of the patient’s choice. Renewal authorization requests can be sent directly to Hello Health. Physicians can then review and respond to pending requests with a few keystrokes. The Hello Health platform currently supports the following interaction checks:

  • Drug-drug
  • Drug-allergy
  • Drug-condition
What kind of computer equipment do I need?

As Hello Health® is a web-based platform, all you need is a computer and high-speed Internet connection. There are no expensive servers to buy and maintain, and our customer support team is always happy to assist.

How secure is Hello Health®?

Both physicians and patients are naturally concerned with privacy and confidentiality of healthcare information. Hello Health uses the highest-level SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption and is fully HIPAA-compliant. Unlike e-mail, which relies on multiple file servers distributed across the Internet, we use a single, centrally-managed secure database for all provider-patient communications. Access to patient health and personal information is restricted to the patient and his/her care providers.

For more information about Hello Health's security policies and protocols, you can download our Security Fact Sheet:

Hello Health Security Fact Sheet

Your Practice Workflow

Can patients still phone to schedule appointments?

Patients are of course able to contact you by telephone regarding any matter, including appointments. However, to realize the full benefits of Hello Health®, your practice should be encouraging all of your patients to subscribe to and schedule appointments through the patient portal. It not only streamlines your staff’s day, but your patients will like it better too.

Won’t patients be e-mailing me all the time?

With the Hello Health® portal, physicians and patients communicate via secure messaging and not personal e-mail. Giving patients secure messaging access is a sign that you respect their time, and experience has shown that they return that respect by messaging you only when it’s important. Using secure messaging can also help simplify your day because non-urgent responses can be made by you or your staff when it best fits into your practice’s workday.

We’re not computer savvy at my practice. Will using Hello Health® be easy?

Like you, we’ve seen all those hard-to-understand applications for medical practices. We know that you want technology that fits seamlessly into your workflow, so we have designed Hello Health to be easy to use, for your staff and patients alike. Hello Health makes it easy to navigate the platform as well as view and enter information. Take a tour of Hello Health and discover for yourself how easy taking charge of your practice can be.

I’m transitioning to a direct pay practice. Can I use Hello Health®?

Hello Health® is as well-suited to a direct-pay practice as it is to an insurance-based practice. You can benefit from similar administrative efficiencies, and also get the enhanced access and relationships enabled by our suite of communication tools. Patients paying directly expect a high level of service and engagement. With Hello Health, it’s easy to deliver and generate loyal patients.

Is it possible to earn extra revenue?

If you choose, you can generate new revenue by using Hello Health EHR’s communication capabilities to offer patients enhanced services such as secure messaging and instant messaging on a fee-per-use basis. We also offer automatic concierge patient-billing. If you devote only an hour a day to enhanced online services, you may see $35-40,000 in new revenue per year.

Transitioning to Hello Health EHR

What is the cost for implementation and training?

The cost of initial training for your staff depends on the size of your practice. Our fees start at $1,500 for the first provider, and $500 for each additional provider. There is no additional cost for maintenance (daily backup), upgrade or ongoing support services.

How long does it take to transition to Hello Health®?

The implementation timeline varies significantly depending on the size and organization of the provider’s practice. Of course, the provider and staff's motivation also plays a significant role in the length of this process. We aim to reach a go-live between 4 and 12 weeks from contract execution. This includes complete implementation of our Electronic Health Record as well as all applicable modules.

Can Hello Health® help a physician transition from an existing EHR?

The Hello Health implementation team is available to review your existing practice model and make recommendations on the best way to transition to our solution. We can port all your patients’ demographic information from your current patient management software into Hello Health.

How will my records be moved to Hello Health®?

It’s simple for us to import patient demographics into the Hello Health® platform, which we do at no charge as part of our implementation procedure. If you still use paper records, we will work with you to provide instructions on how to scan and import the records into our system.

Will my patients see a difference with Hello Health®?

We are convinced that patients will love using the Hello Health® patient portal: PortalConnect once they’ve tried it – no more back and forth trying to find an appointment that works and no more forms in reception. Your patients will experience much easier follow-ups and even the opportunity to communicate with you through messaging or video chat.

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