Hear what our users have to say about Hello Health EHR and Practice Management tools and how it has helped them build strong patient relationships, simplify their practice workflow and help document virtual encounters and earn more money.

Dr. Peter Weigel: Flexibility of the Hello Health Platform

Clients like Hello Health for its:

  • One-of-a-kind business model that enables your practice to earn a new revenue stream from patient subscriptions
  • Robust telemedicine functionality, including video conferencing
  • User-friendly, flexible coding, documentation and appointment features
  • Built in point-of-service collections (we supply the iPads and hardware)
  • Access from anywhere, at any time with an Internet connection

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Dr. Elizabeth Beautyman: An Internal Medicine Specialist’s Point of View

See how Dr. Elizabeth Beautyman uses Hello Health. It’s a solution that can provide a new business model to help practices stay profitable. Patients are given new ways to stay connected with the practice and engage in their personal health.

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Hello Health for Office Managers

Talking about the efficiency of the Hello Health Platform

  • How the implementation process was easy
  • How everything is very easily accessible for the staff and physicians
  • Patients communicate electronically and securely
  • The flow is easier for new patients

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Dr. Jeff Gladd: Hello Health Cash-Pay Model

Dr. Jeff Gladd from Fort Wayne, IN talks about his transition to a cash-pay business model. Learn about how he uses Hello Health to communicate securely with patients, document visits and generate revenue.

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Dr. Colleen Edwards: Why she selected Hello Health for her practice

Internal Medicine and Hematology, New York, NY.

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Dr. Peter Weigel: Patient Satisfaction Using the Patient Portal

Patients see the value in the Hello Health product. They appreciate being able to see their lab work, their diagnostic test, and contact their physician in a secure email message.

As a physician, you'll come to Hello Health for the software and the EMR, and you'll stay for the patient portal.

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Dr. Elizabeth Beautyman: Why she selected Hello Health for her practice

Internal Medicine and Hematology, New York, NY

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