Implementation & Training

Easy Transition

From a streamlined transition to training that gets you and your staff up to speed, you’ll be surprised how easy the transition is.

Benefits of Hello Health’s Implementation Program

Rapid training: as few as 1-2 weeks

Live online training for your entire practice

Access to a comprehensive online Training Center

Training guides and videos available

Limited Downtime

Our Commitment

Investing in your success is our commitment. We want to not only provide you with the tools you need to have an efficient, thriving practice, but to do whatever it takes to help you use them to maximize your benefits. That’s why we offer training and a structured approach that will have you up and running quickly and efficiently


A remote meeting gets you, your staff and our team on the same page before we even get started. We get to know your practice’s unique needs and workflow and set up your Hello Health EHR.

Data Migration

The Hello Health team works with your staff, inputting your data safely and securely into the new system, as well as providing comprehensive training on how it all works.

Go Live

Our Hello Health specialist will get you ready for rollout and guide you every step of the way.

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