Mobile App

There’s an App for Your Patients’ Health!

PortalConnect is a free app from Hello Health® that allows your patients to access their records and communicate with your practice via the PortalConnect patient portal while on the go.

About the App

  • Free.
  • A subscription service to PortalConnect is required.

PortalConnect Patient iOS App PortalConnect Patient Android App

PortalConnect Mobile App for patients

Making It Easy

With secure access to their personal health record (PHR) through the PortalConnect app, your patients can quickly recall past procedures, physician recommendations, lists of their current and former medications and much more. Having this consolidated record in hand makes it easy to communicate with specialists and other medical professionals they see in addition to their primary care physician. Now, you’re all on the same page.

Dedicated Support

Patients can visit PortalConnect Support, send an email to or contact the team at 1-866-779-1526 to discuss any issues or challenges using the app.