The new HelloHealth app solves multiple problems across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

It eases the burden on physicians while giving consumers exactly what they need—a single application to manage their entire family’s healthcare.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Practice

Create a Digital Storefront for your Practice

Offer your patients a modern Amazon-like experience with HelloHealth, from digital patient registration with QR code check-in to private messaging, eForms, and electronic payments.

Significantly Reduce the Administrative Burden

HelloHealth is an innovative scheduling management solution for healthcare facilities.

With its intuitive interface, patients can easily book, reschedule, receive reminders, or cancel appointments, reducing administrative burdens and wait times.

HelloHealth’s virtual check-in.

For patients, it provides the convenience of checking in from their mobile devices, streamlining their arrival process.

For healthcare providers, it eases patient flow and administrative workload.

HelloHealth’s QR code scan check-in, an evolution in patient intake.

This tool provides a quick, secure, and contactless way for patients to announce their arrival.

Every time new patients visit your office, they can simply scan the QR code instead of filling out paperwork.

Private Messaging

HelloHealth’s private messaging feature enhances patient engagement by offering secure, direct communication between healthcare practices and patients.

It simplifies interactions, ensuring privacy and personalized care, leading to improved satisfaction and trust.

Telehealth Solutions

Save time and money with our HIPAA-compliant Telehealth solution.

From appointment scheduling to e-payments, HelloHealth is a complete telemedicine experience.

Electronic Fax

The venerable fax still accounts for about 75 percent of all medical communications.

HelloHealth provides a secure HIPAA-compliant e-fax service for healthcare providers.

Boost your Online Presence and Acquire New Patients!

Let new patients find you easily by having your bio and all your reviews, such as Google or Yelp ratings, in one place.

Showcase your practice’s reputation and build trust among potential patients.

HelloHealth is the Next Evolution in Healthcare

Strong in features and centered on user experience, HelloHealth is a patient engagement platform that can change healthcare delivery and patient care.

HelloHealth: Empowering Providers to Focus on Care, Not Paperwork

HelloHealth is an innovative app built for healthcare facilities that reimagines how providers handle their administrative tasks – returning doctors to the reason they chose medical school: providing exceptional care to their patients.