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Internal Medicine

Chronic Care Management

Do CCM right with Hello Health Wellbox!

Hello Health Wellbox

Hello Health Wellbox is an outsourced, all-inclusive solution for reaching your qualified patients, tracking their progress and billing for the new Chronic Care Management code.

We help you finally get reimbursed for the chronic care you’ve always provided.

We provide a call center of trained and certified medical assistants who:


Conduct monthly chronic care phone calls with your patients each month, according to their Care Plans.


Document the calls appropriately and securely in your EHR, whatever EHR you use.


Communicate with your team through secure messaging.

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Is CCM worth it?

Absolutely. For your patients.  And for your practice.

It’s estimated that 15% of the patient panel qualifies under the CCM program.

WHAT'S YOUR PRACTICE LOOK LIKE?icon-doctor-patients

Annual Number of Unique Medicare Patients
Percent with 2+ Chronic Conditions1
Annual Number of Unique CCM Patients
CCM monthly payment: U.S. average2 or select your locality
Estimated Annual Gross Revenue for Physician3

1 - - County Level Multiple Chronic Conditions (MCC) Table: 2012 Prevalence, National Average.

2 - Reimbursement amount from the CY 2015 Physician Fee Service Final Rule, October 31, 2014, averaged across 89 localities.

3 - Reimbursement calculation from the CY 2015 Physician Fee Service Final Rule; assumes 100% of unique patients are covered by Medicare A/B. Medicare. Advantage reimbursement may vary.

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Complete Cloud-based Practice System

Change your EHR. Change your practice.

Intuitive. Integrated. Simple.

One Platform. Many Opportunities

Hello Health EHR is a cloud-based service with a Meaningful Use-certified EHR and practice management system, integrated billing and powerful patient engagement features. Efficient and intuitive to use, it is designed to help independent physician enhance the health of patients and their practice.

Solutions for your practice.

Practice management system, patient portal with telemedicine, Electronic Health Record, billing software.

Not just Meaningful Use. Meaningful practice, for you and your patients.