Reduce manual workloads and improve efficiency at your healthcare facility

Because of the healthcare workforce is in crisis, health practices require new methods to streamline operations and minimize the need on front-office staffing levels. HelloHealth is a digital enabler of efficiency that helps resolve the administrative overload of healthcare.

HelloHealth helps automate repetitive tasks that traditionally take time. The app is an answer to administrative fatigue amongst healthcare employees by making the most of automation. For example, with its digital intake capabilities, patients can make appointments online, pay online, fill in forms and enter private and insurance details before entering the office. This frees personnel from tedious data entry and in addition, reduces the danger of mistakes that can result in long insurance claim denials.

In a business where information is critical, HelloHealth ensures all patient data is entered directly by patients themselves, reducing errors. Now, you are able to forget about paper forms – with our virtual check-in or by utilizing a QR code. This speeds check-in and in addition, validates the billing process for accuracy so providers are properly compensated for their services without any delays.

An additional critical area where HelloHealth is indispensable is consent management. The app’s robust digital intake can adapt consent forms to individual patient requirements, automating paperwork and ensuring all legal permissions are appropriately secured.

Your staff should be delivering extraordinary care, not admin tasks.

And more to the point, the app encourages the human aspect of healthcare. HelloHealth gives front-office teams the luxury of time to focus on patient interaction and care by automating administrative workflows. This is particularly crucial in practices with older individuals where a personal touch is able to make a difference in patient experience.

Efficiency is a core value of HelloHealth. It reflects the motivation of healthcare workers themselves: to offer care. HelloHealth is decreasing burnout and improving care through staff with tools to simplify patient intake and management. It is an example of how technological innovation can change healthcare for patients and also the doctors caring for them.